Advista Sports Kids Smart Fitness Band, Smart Watch with Pedometer (Black)

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Color:Black Competitive Advantages 1. No need to worry about connecting to phone or Windows software anymore. This version has a separate function button, and all key features can be adjusted on the watch. 2. It is a multi-functional watch and fitness band that provides time, date, three vibration alarms and stopwatch. 3. There is a button to switch between kilometers and miles. So kids will learn the difference between the two systems. 4. There is a button to switch between 24-hours mode and 12-hour mode. It is a great tool for kids to practice and learn the military time. 5. Three alarms can be set to remind kids of their school activities, sports, tutoring classes, etc. The vibrating alarms will not disturb other students in the class. 6. It is made of highest quality silicone without any harmful BPA. It is tested to be shock-resistant. It passed Drop Test at 12-feet high on the concrete floor. 7. It also has Pedometer and Calories mode that tracks how many movements kids make and encourage them to move to prevent obesity. Our products count 24-hour movements, not just a single workout. 8. It is USB rechargeable so that you do not need to visit a Jeweler and pay for battery and service. 9. The strap at the end of the watch band makes it secure for the active style of kids. 10. It also has a single pedometer mode to count a single workout. 11. No games, no distracting notifications from calls, messages and social media. 12. To access more features, such as sleep analysis, you can download a copy of software using Windows system at Advista Sports website. Are there any how-to videos? You will find how-to videos on YouTube under Advista Sports Channel. Search “Advista Sports”, you will find the videos on how to use these smart watches. NOTE: Manufacturer recommended age is 9 years and up. It fits wrists between 5.5 inches to 8.75 inches.



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