VTech Switch and Go Dinos, Brok the Brachiosaurus

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These VTech Switch and Go Dinos are a 2-in-1 toy that transforms from car carrier to Brachiosaurus. The 1.5′ LCD screen on this VTech Dinosaur comes to life with the push of a button, making it exciting to play with. Featuring a cool driver, Brok the Brachiosaurus also has dino eyes animations, making it fun and educational to play with for little kids. With these VTech Switch and Go Dinos, you can customize your driver or dino eyes. With over 50 wild sound effects and phrases, this VTech Dinosaur is not just stimulating to play with, kids also learn about dinosaurs. Brok the Brachiosaurus is a member of the Switch and Go Dinos crew by VTech and teaches interesting dino facts.VTech Switch and Go Dinos, Brok the Brachiosaurus:2-in-1 toy transforms from massive car carrier to BrachiosaurusMember of the Switch and Go Dinos crew by VTech1.5′ LCD screen comes to life with push of buttonFeatures cool driver and dino eyes animationsCustomize your driver or dino eyesOver 50 wild sounds effects and phrasesTeaches interesting dino factsDimensions: 6.4566’L x 21.22’W x 8.2283’HRequires 2 AAA batteries (included)



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