Pedal Instead volunteers are among the people who make Columbus cool. Join our motley crew, by signing up to volunteer! Go to the “Events” section of the web site, click on an event, and sign up for a shift.  Pedal Instead volunteers   make it easy to choose bicycling as a form of transportation. We love our volunteers, and so does Chipotle.


Yes, that’s right. Chipotle loves Pedal Instead volunteers. That’s why Chipotle is giving everyone who volunteers a 4+ hour shift a free burrito. Did your life just get better? Yes. Yes it did.

Who is that handsome guy in the picture above?

Ben Houck. Ben’s been a solid volunteer since 2010. He jumped in when we were understaffed at ComFest and hasn’t managed to jump back out yet. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. (In this respect, Pedal Instead is like the mob, only nicer and less criminal. Though some may say it’s a crime how fast we park & return bikes…)

Ben comes back to Pedal Instead again and again because “It’s a way to encourage people in Columbus to get on their bikes and PI is a great project,” which is true. This is a great project. It is also true that Ben volunteers at most of our events. At least, we think that’s him in the mask and cape. (You’re our hero, Ben!) This is completely awesome of him, because he’s consistently choosing to spend time with us despite having both a job and a life.

Speaking of Ben’s life, in addition to being a bike-parking beast at Pedal Instead, Ben likes to go back to NYC, where he grew up biking the streets of the city without a helmet. He gets to crash for free because his mother still lives there. How cool is that? Convince a relative to move to New York today!

May I Volunteer in May?

No. These awesome people beat you to it: Jeremey Woolf, Miaoyun Zhou, Gabriel Caldwell, Caleb Caldwell, Charis Caldwell, Alex Anderson, Meghan Kelly, Teddy Reese, Michael Webb, Nick Dellaflora, Jon Sanders, Wiley Jackson, Katie Ervin, Tim Christy, Robert Caldwell, Marie Jarden, Cole Miller, Nicole Cordell-Evans, Hewet Haile, Michael Coconis, Bill Cline, Ben Houck, Brad Clark, Ty Clark, Sarina Reneigh Hamilton, CW, Molly Rose, Ryan Helms, Ken Cohen, Ann Louise Sumner, Emily Krebs, Shane Kearney, Jason Poindexter, Anthony Baylor, Quintel Johnson, Catherine Girves, and Andrew Hulvey.

May I volunteer in June? Yes, you May.

2011 Event Volunteers

The 2011 season would not have been possible without the fine folks listed below. Next time you see one of these outstanding individuals, give them a big smile and say “Thanks!”

Catherine Girves, Andrew Hulvey, Teddy Reese, Benjamin Houck, Katie Ervin, Reneigh Hamilton, Wiley Jackson, Alex Anderson, Richard Kessler, Meredith Joy, Mark Ervin, Ken Cohen, Juana Sandoval, Jeremy Woolf, Hernan Mercado, Timothy Dehoff, Tim Price, Steve Grobben, Greg Hostetler, David Girves, Charles CW Williams, Bill Cline, Nancy Niemuth, Molly Rose, Mike Coakley, Michel Coconis, Meghan Kelly, Lu Taylor, Kurt Lehmkuhl, Jessica Riley, Jennifer Deafenbaugh, Duane McCoy, Tim Mathews, Tim, Stafford Duenbury, Shreeya Mathew, Shoba CGB, Sherry Girves, Sean Cunningham, Sarah Dixon, Sarah Bruce, Sarah, Ryan Helms, Ruenzi Ruenzi, Robert Frenken, Reda Ashour, Rachel Gonzalez, Quintel Johnson, Quincy Johnson, Quessense Johnson, Quanmay Johnson, Peter Devinobiohot, Paradise Jones, Pamela Gutter, Nate Bishop, Nate Biroschak, Natalie Bayer , Miyona Wells, Miles Curtiss, Mike Reed, Michelle Hoyle,  Michelle Caldwell, Michael Webb, Michael Paktinat, Michael Norton, Michael Love, Melissa Miller, Matthew Wolf, Matthew Kirk, Marr Bils, Marissa Rieman, Marcie, Mairead Reddy, Maggie Fehl, Liz Sammuelson, Lindsay Catlin, Lee N, Lawen, Ron Joy, Kirsten Knodt, Kirsten Kiefer, Kevin Miles, Keria Gaudette, Kelsey Yarnell, Kelly Johnson, Katherine Wang, Kaia Ball, Kaela King, Justin Moms, Juliana Pernik, John Griffin, John Forry, Joe Wolfle, Jim Coleman, Jillian Manning, Jenn Landow, Jeff Gove, Jamison Poindexter, J’ona Wells, Imani Whatley, Greg Owen, Grayson Atha, Gary Reid, Gabriel Caldwell, Emily Prieto, Ellie Ervin, Elizabeth Geil, Dintry Wirsirg, Dayon Dukes, David Miller, David Hohman, Daniel Desantis, Craig Murphy, Craig Kullik, Cole Miller, Claire Hale, Christine Pollard, Christine Chen, Chrissy Pollard, Chico Aliyeva, Chelsea Marshal , Chandler Frenken, Brian, Breona Wells, Brent Ceaman, Brandon Gifford, Bill Ferriot, Audrey Hall, April Calkovsky, Annie Ross-Womack, Annie Franklin, Anne D’amico, Alyssa Shaw, Aliceann Inskeep, Alex Reese, Akielah Jones, Aimee Knight, Abby, Aaron Tryon